Hello, I’m a Web Developer from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I have strong experience in web development (back end, front end, mobile).
And can hold whole development process


Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University

September 2003 — February 2009
Network and switching systems, specialist degree (smth between bachelor and master's degree)


senior software developer

August 2020 - ...

Tasks: Home and Commercial Services Management Software

Technologies: javascript, react, typescript

  • Marketing team
    javascript, typescript, react, jest
  • improved speaking english skills
  • improved react skills
  • expierence using microfrontends

senior software developer

June 2017 — August 2020

Tasks: Tinkoff - Website builder. Tinkoff - CRM. creating internal admin system

Technologies: javascript, angular, node, postgres, python, react,

  • Tinkoff website builder development. Team management.
    angular, nodejs, postgres, typescript, rxjs, ngrx, karma, jest, selenium, ng-packagr, puppeteer
  • Tinkoff CRM development
    angular, nodejs, typescript, rxjs, ngrx, jest, selenium
  • development of internal admin system
    react, redux, nodejs, koa, postgres
  • got experience of using angular in web applications
  • improved skills of unit-, integration and e2e-testing
  • new experience of development processes building
  • good experience of using react in web applications
  • microservice architecture development experience
  • better understanding how you should NOT organize development processes

Software developer, development lead

Feb 2014 — June 2017

Tasks: started from web-scrapping project and then moved to mobile applications creation and project management

Technologies: php, jQuery, C#

  • international air ticket integrator support (data acquisition part). leading development team
    python, flask, MicrosoftSQL
  • media generation software support. transfer knowledge from another team. provide full support and develop new features
    python, flask, celery, mongo
  • heart pulse tracking system. develop system that allows to track pulse from pulse meter. system was made considering high load. some data processing was done with scala. UI part was made with NodeJs backend and single page application frontend (Backbone). frontend-backend communication was implemented with WebSockets
    python, nodeJS, Backbone, websockets, spark, hadoop, kafka
  • project management. working with customer, task distribution
    project management
  • create social mobile application (android, ios) that allows users to find help from somebody or help somebody. team management, and development
    react-native, react, android, ios
  • team management
  • project management
  • python skills
  • improving javascript skills
  • mobile application development experience
  • understanding how you should NOT organize development processes

software developer

Nov 2012 — Feb 2014
Ultima BusinessWare

Tasks: e-commerce websites development. ERP maintenance

Technologies: php, jQuery, C#

  • ERP system maintaining and Developing
    Oracle, C#, VBScript
  • websites maintaining and Developing (eshops linked to ERP system)
    Php, javasript/jQuery, MySQL, html, css, memcached
  • web development skills improving
  • Oracle DB experience

software developer

Aug 2006 — Nov 2012

Tasks: started from development of SS7 stack protocols. then moved to SIP phone support

Technologies: C/C++

  • Development and maintenance of MTPL3 – M3UA and SCTP protocol of SS7 stack
    C/C++, ClearCase, SS7
  • Maintaining of SIP based desktop phone.
    C++, SVN, SIP
  • Developing of user-oriented call-server
    Java servlets, SIP
  • Integrating of audio devices with different communicators
    C++, COM, TAPI
  • programming skills improvement
  • customer support experience
  • understanding of software development principles
  • team management experience